Or how to deploy a Forecasting Web Application using Python, Streamlit & Heroku

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With the recent resurgence of both the crypto hype and adoption, many have been speculating on where the space and especially the price could go. Having come across Facebook Prophet, the popularity gaining & easy-to-use forecasting module (for Python and R), it seems like a potentially interesting tool for predicting what lies ahead.

Even more interesting is the Streamlit module, a very straightforward package which enables anyone with basic Python coding skills to create a decent looking web application! …

How Unibright enables you to create production-grade workflows integrated on the blockchain & more, without writing a single line of code!

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The blockchain space has been around for a while now and there have been many projects that started as whitepaper dreams and didn’t go much further beyond that. There have also been many blockchain companies who’ve put their heads down and kept on developing without being distracted by any charts & crypto bubbles. One company in particular is offering very interesting solutions for some of the biggest bottlenecks within the industry. The company I’m talking about is Unibright.io.

Blockchains and Smart Contracts

First, let’s talk about what blockchain and smart contracts are in the first place. A blockchain is nothing more than a ledger…

How PyCaret can make pre-processing, model selection and model improvement significantly faster, easier & clearly understood by all stakeholders.

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Having played around with it over the last couple of weeks, I think PyCaret just might be the most useful Python module since the likes of Pandas and Numpy. It has drastically improved the ease and speed at which I’m creating machine learning models for various different use-cases, and I’d really like to share it with you so you can enjoy the same benefits!

So what is PyCaret? And what can it do?

To quote the summary of its own website: “PyCaret is an open source, low-code machine learning library in Python that allows you to go from preparing your data to deploying your model within seconds in your…

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I’m a Data Scientist and enthusiast of leveraging the latest tools in Data Science, Engineering & DevOps to improve processes, businesses & our lives overall!

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